Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

 How do I create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook?

  1. 1.  First, you have to make sure you have your birthday listed on Facebook. 
  2. 2.  Navigate to the fundraiser page on your Facebook profile.

  3. If you’re within a month of your birthday, you should see a reminder at the top of the page reminding you to set up a fundraiser.

  4. 3. Under “Let’s start with the basics,” enter:
      • Kerusomen Gospel Ministries
      • How much you want to raise
      • The currency you want to donations to be in
      • The date you want the fundraiser to end

  5. 4. Click Next.
  6. Under “Tell your story,” enter:
    • A title for your fundraiser
    • A brief explanation for why you wanted to create this fundraiser
  7. 5. Click Next.
  8. Under “Pick a cover photo,” choose one of the suggested photos.
  9. 6. Click Create.

A message will pop up that congratulates you on creating your fundraiser. From there, you can invite your friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your News Feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself.

Here's a sample of what it will look like once you've finished. (Maureen Barber kindly gave us permission to show her Birthday Fundraiser.)

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