Watch How God is Using You in India! l KGM Mission Impact Update

Celebrating Hope Restored

Researchers found suicide was the leading cause for over 300 “non-coronavirus deaths” reported in India due to distress triggered by the nationwide lockdown. 37% of these suicides were caused by financial distress, job loss, food shortage, or starvation.

The loss of her factory job due to the Covid-19 lockdown left Christeena with no money, no food, and no options. She is a widow and the sole support of her two granddaughters ages 10 and 12. She had reached the end of her hope when God intervened.
“I would rather die than watch my grandchildren starve.” 
Christeena confessed to her KGM India pastor. He shares her story with you:

"My son is a drunkard and has spoiled (ruined) the family. I am the bread-winner for my daughter-in-law and my two granddaughters who are 10 and 12. When the cashew nut factory I worked at in Tamil Nadu closed, I was speechless. My peace? Gone." Isolated and helpless in the Covid-19 lockdown, Christeena spiraled into a deep depression that led to thoughts of suicide. When Pastor Joman knocked on her door with food supplies, Christeena was shocked. "There were many others who could have helped but didn't. They didn't care."

Since the end of April, KGM is delivering food to Christeena and her family. Supplies and visits of encouragement will continue until her factory reopens. Pastor Saha shared, “We were really broken when we heard she thought of killing herself. Christeena has no words to thank KGM USA partners and she calls me every week to ask about your well-being. She makes her prayers and love for all of you with a weeping voice of joy.”
... Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ. All glory and power to him forever and ever! Amen. 1 Peter 4:11

Because you planted a church near Christeena's village, she is alive today.
 And God is glorified.

Lasting Impact: We're Already There

God is at work through you and has saved several people from suicide during the Covid-19 lockdown.  The body of Christ offers these people the reassurance they are not alone and expressions of hope (that through faith and with the support of others in the church, there is a path toward a better life in the future.)

There are many truly wonderful Christian causes that target specific tangible needs around the world. But what if you could do MORE? Planting a church multiplies your impact:
  • It meets the needs of a community faster and has longer lasting impact. 
  • A church is part of the community day in, day out; it a can impact generations.
  • It doesn't need to send rescue teams to a community. It's already there.
 And more important, it meets more than physical needs, it shares the Good News of Jesus delivering compassion AND hope, for all.

Grow Your Impact!

Why not make history with the people you love? Making HIS story and His name great is what our mission as believers is all about.  Every day we get closer and closer to the day Jesus returns. Help us reach more unreached people faster and increase your personal impact by sharing KGM's Builders Community with others. Just share the videos, Facebook posts, newsletters, and this website with everyone you know.

Invite a friend to join you in The Builders 
and grow your lifetime impact together.


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